children thriving


From the moment they’re born, all we want is for them to thrive. It starts with the basics – nourishment, healthy bowel movements, enough sleep. Then you add developmental, social, and cognitive skills. Next comes behavioral hurdles and the simple question you keep asking yourself – are they turning into good humans?

The requirements for “thriving” continue to accumulate over time, so we – as mothers, make the big decisions, give every ounce of ourselves, accomplish small miracles that often get swept up with “routine” – all while keeping tabs on the ingredients needed to raise children who are thriving – all because we want to see them THRIVE.

So, when they do… the world slows, our eyes blink back tears, and we’re overcome with pride and joy – because these moments are the fruits of our labor. The validation we’ve quietly needed. The metaphoric pat on the back that says, your hard work and dedication has paid off. This is no accident. See this tiny human who’s thriving right now? This is your doing, mama. Good job. ♥️

And we silently relish in these moments because they’re everything and this tiny human is everything and this motherhood gig is crazy complicated but worth every single hardship. So we take this symbolic reward and fill our mama tank back up with it, because we’ll need this fuel on the journey ahead. New milestones, obstacles, and requirements for thriving are on the horizon.

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