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author Kristin Helms
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After 15 years of climbing the corporate ladder, Kristin Helms decided to make the ultimate life pivot when her daughter was born in 2013 and traded her power suits and office with a view for yoga pants and life on the home front. Her transformation from marketing manager to stay-at-home mom has been a riotous journey, brimming with unexpected emotions, re-self-discovery, and the most beautiful moments of her life. Her book, From Boardroom to Baby: A Roadmap for Career Women Transitioning to Stay-at-Home Moms, helps other career women turned stay-at-home moms navigate the transition.

Kristin articulates the heartfelt and honest side of raising tiny humans through her articles published in The Huffington PostLiterary Mama, and Big City Moms among other large parenting sites. Her mommy musings have been described as, “encouraging”, “refreshing” and “magic with words”. With a true pulse on today’s modern mom, Kristin’s prose cuts right to the soul of motherhood and exposes the inner thoughts of many mothers who echo her sentiments:

  • “I really can’t explain how much this has helped me…”
  • “Thank you for putting into words what so many of us are feeling…”
  • “You said it for all of us!”
  • “This is so touching! And real!”

Kristin also founded, grew, and recently sold the startup, Tribe Magazine– an online publication for moms.

Kristin is a member of Women Writers, Women’s Books, Publishing Mom Bloggers, and Boss Moms.

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