Cycles: Returning to Writing

(As part of Literary Mama’s, After Page One series – inspiring mom writers)

“Bobby…Julia…Mark…” My fifth grade teacher called each student to the front of the classroom to fetch our graded short story essays – our final project for the year.

I had spent hours brainstorming a storyline for that particular piece of fiction, and even more time writing, erasing, and rewriting each page in perfect cursive. It was my finest work to date!

“Kristin.” I sprung up from my seat.

As I reached for my paper, Mr. Scates bent down deliberately and whispered, “Excellent work. One day I’m going to hand you a book to sign for me because you’re going to be an author.”

Even at such a young age I stood there staggered at the weight of his words before replying, “Thank you, Mr. Scates. I would like that.”

I walked back to my desk with a colossal grin, studying the large red “A+” crowning the top of my very first “book.”

Writing has always been my passion, an outlet, and my preferred form of communication. I’m a mediocre public speaker, and I often can’t find the appropriate words during daily interactions, but give me a laptop and a blank word document and I will articulate the very inner workings of my thoughts and sentiments.

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