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check ups


We sauntered into the “well side” of the pediatrician’s office– the toy basket in the corner immediately pulling my son over to it like a magnet. I signed us in at the check-in desk and took a seat in the waiting room while I filled out the questionnaire for my son’s 2-year old well-child checkup. […]

children thriving


From the moment they’re born, all we want is for them to thrive. It starts with the basics – nourishment, healthy bowel movements, enough sleep. Then you add developmental, social, and cognitive skills. Next comes behavioral hurdles and the simple question you keep asking yourself – are they turning into good humans? The requirements for […]

unspoken bond

Unspoken Bond

It’s been slow to develop, this unspoken bond between them. Disguised even, between the bickering over toys and fighting over attention. I recently realized the strength of their relationship during an outing at our local splash pad. The two of them ran through the crowd of squealing kids, like a team, a pack. Easy to […]