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children thriving


From the moment they’re born, all we want is for them to thrive. It starts with the basics – nourishment, healthy bowel movements, enough sleep. Then you add developmental, social, and cognitive skills. Next comes behavioral hurdles and the simple question you keep asking yourself – are they turning into good humans? The requirements for […]

unspoken bond

Unspoken Bond

It’s been slow to develop, this unspoken bond between them. Disguised even, between the bickering over toys and fighting over attention. I recently realized the strength of their relationship during an outing at our local splash pad. The two of them ran through the crowd of squealing kids, like a team, a pack. Easy to […]

the beach

The Beach

We walk along the bay, pointing at birds and bikers passing by and stopping to scoop up seashells. I’ve walked this beach before, in a different season of life. At 20 years old, I frolicked carefree along this shoreline, figuring out the world, slowly defining myself through good times and bad decisions. Now here, with […]

one and three

One and Three

One and three. Most of our days are chaos. I referee fights, kiss boo-boos, prepare meals and snacks, and count to three in my head, over and over, grasping for patience through it all. I try to teach lessons along the way, explain how things work, answer questions and reward empathy. I’m thoughtfully surviving– trying […]