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friday thoughts


I play back my movements from the past week: So many breaths in just five days. Did I make it all count? 432,000 seconds, just as many thoughts. 144,000 blinks of an eye, What did I miss? Dreams I don’t remember, smiling faces I’ll never forget. Words spoken, words written, souls living. It’s enough. Exhale. […]

Kristin Helms poetry

The Spell

I wove a spell through the night. Laced it with promises kept, tight.   I cut the frays and knotted the ends. Molded, shaped only for you.   But I changed, too. Something meant to move you, mended me.   Somewhere in the stitch words pricked deeper than flesh and my spirit stirred open.   […]

Kristin Helms author

Rules of the Sky

I had a dream I was swimming in a black sea, but it wasn’t water, it was sky, and I was barely floating between falls and I was desperately reaching beteween fumbles. But then I opened my eyes and saw the stars because of the dark and they burned a message into my soul so […]